IGMA LIGHTING L.L.C. is a wholesaler of a range of selected brands. We continously strive to improve our range of industrial ventilation, electrical products and services to provide our partners with increased value over time.



IGMA LIGHTING L.L.C. range of products is developed based on many years experience with attention to details from design, material selection, construction, production and logistics. All products in the range are selected to combine high quality and good function with being economically priced, economical to maintain and economical to operate.



IGMA LIGHTING L.L.C. values are built on the respect for our coworkers, our partners, our customers, our nature and our future generations. The operations of IGMA LIGHTING and the products themselfs are designed to minimise the negative environmental impact. This is possible thanks to continuous development of our staff, our processes and our relationship with partners and customers.



To provide professional customers a range of products and services that will improve their business.



We believe in providing professional customers value priced products of good quality and function, short leadtime, high servicelevel and to be a strategic longterm partner.



We believe in providing good service and good products to good customers.

We believe in taking care of people and the environment.

We believe in being competitive in everything we do.

We believe in being honest and trustworthy.

You can trust us to deliver on what we believe.